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Partners and supporters of
local commerce

The Alliance of Experts (ADE) was born from the desire to offer to independent traders specializing in household appliances and in household equipment the means to optimize their purchases, their operations, their know-how, in order to preserve and energize their businesses.

Independent trade is the lifeblood of our economy. 
Not only because it ensures the sustainability of employment in the depths of our territories, but also because
 it is the guarantor of a social link, of trust, of a long-term requirement between merchants and consumers. 

ADE offers these thousands of business leaders, champions of agility and customer service, the means to make their voices heard in front of the giants of the specialized trade, to meet the constraints of manufacturers, and to buy from the best conditions. 


of consolidated purchases in France in MDA/ SDA/ CE/ Bedding

> 1000M€

of global purchases within the scope of French associates

> 2000 

points of sale in France under different brands

Grow together

That is the purpose of our cooperative!

Today, we take pride in providing a network of domestic and kitchen entrepreneurs with competitive rates, as well as connections, tools, and expertise necessary for their growth. By doing so, we preserve this invaluable alternative to large corporations for the end consumer

United by the same values

Our fight is to defend men and women who are all different, but who share the same vision and the same values:


Next door

Being in hyper-proximity is not just about being a few kilometers away. It's about knowing your customers, making their purchasing process easy, and also assisting with delivery and installation of their equipment. It's about being there when there's a breakdown and ensuring impeccable after-sales service.

In short, it's about guaranteeing end-to-end customer satisfaction with a friendly approach. Because they are your neighbors, they will come back, and they will talk about you.

Vente de téléviseurs à écran plat

Defenders of an expertise

Household experts, kitchen specialists, the merchants behind ADE have appliances in their blood.

They know their market, the brands, the products, and the specifications of each model... and their customers! They can address the needs of their clientele with the relevance of their offerings, advising on high-value-added products, as they exclusively sell household equipment.

It's not just their business; it's their very purpose.

Portrait d'une femme


Behind the independence of these merchants lies the professionalism of hundreds of entrepreneurs facing increasingly aggressive competition and being compelled to be agile, actively listen to the market, and continually adapt to new consumer habits.

Their actions are entirely driven by a commitment to economic and social sustainability, not only concerning their customers but also their employees and suppliers.

"We are convinced that tomorrow's commerce will be multifaceted, and that consumers will continue to have a preference for local commerce, in particular for the purchase of products with high added value."

Walter UBALDI, President of ADE


Our international agreements

With Expert International

Alliance des Experts has been a member of Expert International since January 2019 and, as such, benefits from the European agreements negotiated by this group.

Expert International was established in October 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland, by the visionary and charismatic Gunnar Nygren, alongside five other representatives from national organizations.

The organization, through its members, represents more than 4,000 stores in 23 countries and achieves consolidated purchasing of over 15 billion € (excluding taxes) in consumer electronics, mobile phones, computers, and large and small household appliances.

The 5 members of the Supervisory Board represent the 23 member countries and ensure the smooth functioning of the company.


Katia EUZEN, on behalf of ADE, now sits on the supervisory board.

She represents France alongside Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Belgium.

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